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Bad guys are rather nice if you ask me

I’ve never understood bombs created by movie or TV villains. They curate such beautiful-looking weapons of destruction, carefully wire them in rainbow-colored wirings to help differentiate which ones to cut (typically the red one) or which one to leave alone. Big countdown timers telling you exactly when you meet your demise and they sometimes leave some kind of mechanism to deactivate, maybe punch in a pin code or passphrase so you can save the world and be a hero at their expense. Nevertheless, this time bomb creation by Moko meets and exceeds all those niceties including a bundled wire cutter using cleverly placed LEGO Technic parts.

Time bomb

The right way to do things is to leave a black box that’s ready to go off at your pre-planned, remotely timed, or triggered with as little as innards showed to be a successful criminal, but hey, that’s going to take all the fun away from the suspenseful movie minutes yeah?