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LEGO Harry Potter 76421 Dobby the House-Elf: Bad Dobby or good Dobby? [Review]

The June 2023 Harry Potter wave includes one sculpture-style set, 76421 Dobby the House-Elf. Dobby does not have wings, or other animation, but does seem in the same vein as other larger-than-minifigure-scale creations. Here’s our review of this very, very light-nougaty set, which contains 403 pieces, and is available now for US $34.99 | CAN $44.99 | UK £24.99.

This set is based on a license The LEGO Group has with the Warner Brothers films, not J.K. Rowling directly. The transphobic views expressed by Rowling do not reflect the values of The Brothers Brick or, indeed, those of The LEGO Group. The magical world Rowling created, in which many who felt a bit different could see themselves, meant a great deal to so many people, including those that Rowling now demeans. TBB affirms each individual LEGO fan’s choice to claim a piece of the world for themselves, or to reject it entirely.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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If you give a House Elf an article of clothing...

One of the sweetest moments in the Harry Potter series is when the young wizard gives Dobby a sock at the end of Chamber of Secrets. It is at that moment that the loveable House Elf becomes free from the Malfoys. This tribute to that moment, built by Chung-Heng Cheng, is an exceptional work of art. The body shaping is really nice and it’s immediately recognizable as the little hero.

Dobby is free!

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