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Back when “Modern Life” was a good thing

Nostalgia time! Builder Cameron has created a superb LEGO version of the star of 90’s Nicktoon Rocko’s Modern Life, and great part usage abounds. There are minifigure arms repurposed for the fingers, and a car hood for the snout. The nose itself is courtesy of a Dodge logo sticker. Stickers also form the pupils on those shoulder panel eyes. The Hero Factory theme is tapped for those red shoes, and Technic for the ears. But the most clever part usage? That has to the Scala dress that makes up Rocko’s shirt.

Rocko Rama

This build isn’t nearly as mysterious as the last one we featured from Cameron. Or….is it??? (Answer: No. The other build is much more mysterious. Go look.)

In search of...unsolved mysteries

The only things I could readily glean from Cameron’s write-up was that this was built from plenty of Bionicle parts and it was inspired by the moon. The rest of the description, even the title, is written in some crazy moon-language. But is it Morse code, Hexadecimal, Dewey Decimal, or the ravings of some crazed lunatic? The world may never know. Add to this mystery the fact that this seems to be the first thing he has built since 2016 and you have a quandary that proposes more questions than answers. Was he replaced by a robot? Is he some sort of patron weirdo saint? Has he been affected by the tides or some monolithic alien presence? Your guess is as good as mine. Will the readers at home have better luck deciphering this mystery? If not, here’s some video instructions on how to build your own doggie desk buddy.