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This summer scene is the cure for my autumn blues.

It was 90 degrees yesterday. Sure, Thanksgiving is next week. I think that’s why I responded so warmly to this delightful vignette by gGh0st. My favorite shows are already peppered with ads featuring snowmen and elves. The shopping center across the street even has a giant Christmas tree in its center. But this past weekend, on our way to get some ice cream, my wife and I saw some kids playing in our community pool. And who could blame them? It’s hot.

So, it was nice to know someone else wasn’t thinking about gingerbread and raking leaves. This ode to the CMF Series 21 Beekeeper shows him tending to his hive in a backyard that’s ready for some summer fun. I say we join Mr. Beekeeper, grill up some honey mustard chicken, pour some lemonade, and pretend it’s still August.

Sweet Summer