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Sometimes a relaxing bath is in order

After a hard day at work it’s nice to sit and…um…write and edit for Brothers Brick. Ok, maybe tonight is a no-go, but on my nights off, I ought to take the advice of LEGO builder Adrian Drake, clear my calendar and soak in a tub. He has presented a large-scale diorama of a lady relaxing in a bubble bath. The bubbles, the shape of the tub, the faucet, even the scenery out the window are all top notch. My favorite detail, however, is the diamond checker pattern on the floor. It’s not an easy feat when LEGO bricks prefer to be laid out at ninety degree intervals. While ladies are typically more fond of bubblebaths than men, I’d like to remind the fellas that you ought to treat yourself to a hot soak occasionally, even if you are a surly Sasquatch of a dude like me. Wine and candles may enhance the relaxing experience. But remember, always burn candles responsibly.

Relaxing in a Bubble Bath