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The release of a balloon string tugs at our heartstrings

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that LEGO isn’t just a medium for spaceships, dinosaurs, and sports cars. Brickleas reminds us that LEGO can be fine art with this Iron Builder submission inspired by Banksy’s Balloon Girl. The seed part for this match-up was the 3 x 5 deltoid panel, and it has been put to excellent use here as both the balloon and the girl’s dress. The use of varying shades of gray adds an extra feeling of depth to the hills, and there’s an excellent sense of motion in the girl’s windswept hair. The result is a powerful build that evokes a wistfulness in the viewer.

Fading Dreams

LEGO Artception

One thing that LEGO and art have in common is that they are both highly sought after by collectors. The major difference between Banksy and LEGO is that LEGO is collectible whereas Banksy’s oeuvre is impossible to collect (on purpose of course). That being said, with LEGO anything is possible — even the recreation of a Banksy, as Tina and Chris have done here in this wonderful build.

The builders seem to heavily rely on the SNOT (studs not on top) technique to achieve the form of this build. No specialized elements are utilized here; looks like mostly bricks, small plates and tiles compose the piece.

The subject of the build is what is most alluring, especially since Tina and Chris have constructed a version of the artwork hilariously “self-destructing”. While nobody can really become a Banksy collector at least the concepts of his work can live on through other media.