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Hide your valuables from this sneaky character!

It is a shame that the VIDIYO theme didn’t pan out, however, as Dan Ko demonstrates in this build, there are still plenty of ways to utilise the pieces from the sets. For example, the strap from the VIDIYO BeatBox builds, forms part of the face and torso of this unique looking creature. The character is intended to be a robber or bandit hence the equipment on the character’s back which could be a type of laser for slicing into safes. Another fun feature is at the feet, where minifigure belts have been applied.

1 of 3 Trophy prizes for FebRobbery

When trouble comes to town, what will you do?

A new guard is having to learn on the job as bandits attack in this portside scene by Jesse van den Oetelaar, which features some well-textured stone structures, along with a brick-built boat. The dock is nicely detailed, with merchants and a local catching fish. There’s also some great window construction, like the first floor of the middle building which uses the bases of black turntables to frame transparent plates.

fractured kingdoms, bandit attack