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Imperial AT-ACT walker patrols the tropical paradise of Scarif

A warm, sunny and pleasant tropical paradise was an odd choice to place the plans for the sinister Empire’s Death Star in Rogue One: a Star Wars Story, but this very choice is what made the final act of the film so unique and memorable. While most of the action was focused on small operations and personal stories of the Rebellion, the Empire’s side was all about large plans and large machines, much like this LEGO UCS-scale AT-ACT by yoshix.


As can be seen by the palm tree and the bunker besides the AT-ACT, the walker is made in minifig scale. This scale is quite rewarding for Star Wars vehicles, either due to many specialized parts designed for them in the nearly two decades of the official LEGO Star Wars line or because some designs from the films simply happen to be blocky. Yoshix’s design mixes studless and studded surfaces to create fine textures and details. My favourite parts are the little splashes of white on the orange section, which give the AT-ACT a great detail of character.

This LEGO AT-ACT from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story strides through the palm trees

Builder Ben Cossy intended to make a small scene set on the planet Scarif from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but ended up with an imperial sized project, creating this stunning AT-ACT Walker.  The bulkier sister to the standard AT-AT, this walker has a heavier animalistic design, consistent with its construction site deployment.  Ben taps right into this aesthetic, imbuing his model with a weighty sense of gravitas, doubling the hinged knee joint on its longer legs, as well as triple plating the armoured body.  Yet, it’s that first decision to situate the composition on the planet surface, where the AT-ACT can tower over the tiny palm trees, that truly captures its ominous sense of scale.