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The making of LEGO ASMR White Noise and the 12 streaming services available for access [News]

Early last month in February, LEGO dropped an interesting soundtrack – an ASMR White Noise album made from LEGO bricks.  These white noise types of sounds are known to help listeners relax and get “in the zone” while focussing on other tasks. There’s now a video featuring the behind the scenes and the making of this unique placement by LEGO. We also share the full list of 12 streaming services that you can access the tracks from.

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LEGO releases White Noise (ASMR) album to aid unwinding and relaxation needs [News]

With the ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) being a trend over the recent years and a large population embracing it as a method of relaxation, LEGO has jumped into the bandwagon to produce sounds using LEGO bricks to provide the soothing white noise effect. The album consisting of 7 music tracks of 30 minutes each is available for free on a total of 15 other platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Google Music.

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