The making of LEGO ASMR White Noise and the 12 streaming services available for access [News]

Early last month in February, LEGO dropped an interesting soundtrack – an ASMR White Noise album made from LEGO bricks.  These white noise types of sounds are known to help listeners relax and get “in the zone” while focussing on other tasks. There’s now a video featuring the behind the scenes and the making of this unique placement by LEGO. We also share the full list of 12 streaming services that you can access the tracks from.

The 12 services and locations of which you can access the ASMR White Noise album (some of these services require a subscription):

The Making Of… LEGO White Noise

Over 10,000 bricks were experimented with to learn of the various sounds it produces in various scenarios and actions, surface textures, and recording techniques.

According to Jinn, the Sound Engineer, he worked with his assistant to capture various sounds with recordings before even attempting the final recording.

He likens it to getting to know his ‘instruments’ and before composing the final ‘song’.Without further ado, check out the making of the LEGO White Noise video feature.

Tip: if you like to download the track to keep an offline copy, use a browser, view the page source (the HTML code thingy) of this page or this page and look for the .mp3 links to download them from.