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Life in the Fractured Kingdoms: City of Atrocity

A pop of colour does wonders for every LEGO creation. And some colour combinations work better than others. Armon Russ shows us how good medium blue, lime green and medium lavender go together. In this creation they are a true feast for the eyes. I have absolutely no idea how the blue window frames were made, but they look absolutely amazing. My guess is it has something to do with brackets or are they just tiles? This build is a prime example of how well put together minifigures can enhance the beauty of a creation. Elsa’s skirt looks great on Anna’s top. And Eggheads tuxedo looks wonderful on a female fig. Last but definitely not least I would like you to zoom in on the ground. It is made by connecting round 2×2 plates with round 2×2 and 3×3 tiles. The effect is marvelous.

Fractured Kingdoms: City of Atrocity