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Sales, deals, and new set news from Amazon.com. A portion of everything (not just LEGO) purchased from Amazon.com through The Brothers Brick goes to support what we do here.

Amazon discounts Galaxy Squad by 50%

The following Lego Galaxy Squad sets are currently 50% off on Amazon.com:

LEGO Galaxy Squad Hive Crawler – $35.00

LEGO Space Vermin Vaporizer 70704 – $30.00

LEGO Space Bug Obliterator 70705 – $40.00

Black Friday/Cyber Monday LEGO sales & deals for 2013 [News]

If you haven’t blown your LEGO budget so far in November, there’s plenty of shopping ahead! Both the LEGO Shop online and Amazon.com have plenty of deals to whet your brick appetite.

I’m a bit short on time this morning, so for now I’m just going to put up the banners for you to click through — remember that every purchase from the LEGO Shop and Amazon.com (and not just LEGO!) helps support The Brothers Brick when you click through from Brothers-Brick.com.

Deals for US readers

As usual, Amazon has too many deals to list specifically. Happy hunting!

The LEGO Shop has the following deals:

FREE Limited Edition Holiday Set with purchase of $99 or more.
Valid Nov 29th – Dec 2nd or while supplies last

  • FREE $10 Gift Card with purchase of $149 or more (Online Only).
    Valid Nov 29th – Dec 2nd or while supplies last.
  • FREE Shipping on all orders (no minimum).
    Valid Nov 29th – Dec 2nd
  • Receive a Free THE LEGO® MOVIE™ poster sticker to customize your Palace Cinema.
    Valid: through Dec 31st or while supplies last.
  • FREE Exclusive Clone Trooper™ Lieutenant with LEGO® Star Wars™ purchases of $50 or more!
    Valid: through Dec 31st or while supplies last.

Find great LEGO gifts big and small for your builder this holiday season!

Deals for Canadian readers

See the US list above for LEGO Shop Canada sales & deals.

Find great LEGO gifts big and small for your builder this holiday season!

Deals for UK readers

In addition to discounted items, the LEGO Shop in the UK is offering free delivery, an exclusive LEGO set, and 10% off your entire purchase.

BFCM - ends 02/12/2013

More Amazon deals

In addition to recent Amazon sale, some new sets have been put on discount of 30% or higher. Here are some notable ones:

LEGO Ninjago Garmatron 70504 $25.49 (36%)

LEGO Chima Eris Eagle Interceptor 70003 $22.97 (34%)

Lego Castle Dragon Mountain – 70403 $32.99 (34%)

LEGO Star Wars Z-95 Headhunter 75004 $32.99 (34%)

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Pool 41008 $26.60 (33%)

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE $60.99 (32%)

LEGO Galaxy Squad Hive Crawler $47.99 (31%)

LEGO Super Heroes Daily Bugle Showdown 76005 $35.15 (30%)

Massive Amazon sale [News]

Amazon US currently has a ton of sets on sale at over 30%. It looks like they’re clearing space for the 2014 arrivals.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 3920: $19.98 (43%)

Police Museum Break-in 60008: $43.49 (38%)

Coast Guard Helicopter 60013: $25.39 (37%)

Fire Emergency 60003 $25.49 (36%)

X-Wing Starfighter 9493 $38.79 (35%)

Escape from Mirkwood Spiders 79001 $19.49 (35%)

Coast Guard Patrol 60014 $51.99 (35%)

Tie Fighter 9492 $35.99 (35%)

Z-95 Headhunter 75004 $32.99 (34%)

Mobile Police Unit 7288 $29.99 (33%)

The Goblin King Battle 79010 $67.19 (33%)

Tumbler Chase 76001 $26.99 (33%)

Rancor Pit 75005 $40.69 (32%)

Silver Mine Shootout 79110 $47.99 (31%)

Epic Dragon Battle 9450 $82.99 (31%)

New LEGO Lord of the Rings sets out + free shipping & Jor-El minifig [News]

Russell Crowe was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon promoting Man of Steel a couple nights ago, and Jimmy brought out some of the recent Jor-El toys depicting Russell Crowe in the movie role. Russell Crowe said that his son’s favorite toy in the whole world is the LEGO minifig, and he’s very happy to have a minifig version of his dad now.

Of course, the Jor-El minifig doesn’t actually come in any sets, but you can get it for free. The LEGO Shop’s June promotion is a free Jor-El minifig for orders over $75 or £50. LEGO is also introducing free shipping “every day” on all orders over $75/£50.

But first, all of the summer 2013 LEGO Lord of the Rings sets are out on both the LEGO Shop website and Amazon.com (links below go to Amazon, where buying anything goes to support TBB; scroll to the bottom of the post if you want to get them from the LEGO Shop, with the Jor-El minifig).

79006 The Council of Elrond includes Elrond, Arwen, Frodo, and Gimli, with 243 pieces for $30.

79007 Battle at the Black Gate includes Aragorn, Gandalf the White (previously only available as Gandalf the Grey), the Mouth of Sauron, two orcs, an eagle, and 656 pieces for $60.

The big set from this batch of new LEGO Lord of the Rings sets is LEGO LOTR 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush with Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, the King of the Dead, two Dead Men of Dunharrow, a Corsair pirate, and two orcs. For $100, you get 756 pieces.

Finally, LEGO LOTR 79005 The Wizard Battle includes Gandalf the Grey and Saruman for $13 — a nice little set for two such major characters.


UPDATE: Presumably to make room for all the new Lord of the Rings sets (in their enormous warehouses, ha!), Amazon.com has discounted a number of sets from The Hobbit as well:

(Watch to make sure you’re not getting ripped off when the prices change, or when the sales start going to third party sellers on the same page, for a much higher price.)


With apologies for the visual repetition and a reminder that clicking through from TBB goes to support the site, here are the Jor-El links:

LEGO Shop link for US readers:
FREE, exclusive LEGO Jor-EL with purchases of $75 or more. Valid 6.1.03 - 6.25.13 or while supplies last

LEGO Shop link for Canadian readers:
FREE, exclusive LEGO Jor-EL with purchases of $75 or more. Valid 6.1.03 - 6.25.13 or while supplies last

LEGO Shop link for UK readers:
Jor-El Gift with Purchase - ends 31/06/2013

Lego Star Wars discounts on Amazon

There’s some decent deals on Lego Star Wars sets on Amazon ranging from 20-34% off.

There are also other Star Wars sets marked at 20% off. See the list of Lego Star Wars sets on Amazon.

Amazon discounts Lego architecture sets

Amazon has some decent deals on Lego architecture sets ranging from 21-34% off.


LEGO Lone Ranger sets out now from Amazon and LEGO Shop [News]

The movie won’t hit theaters for nearly three months, but the new line of six new LEGO sets from The Lone Ranger is out now from both Amazon.com and the LEGO Shop online.

First, be sure to check out our reviews so far of the new sets (more to come):

Links to Amazon.com, with free shipping on orders over $25 and no sales tax in most states:

And here are the links for the LEGO Shop, which currently has free shipping on orders over $75:

Finally, a brief reminder that when you click through from The Brothers Brick, a portion of every sale on Amazon.com (not just LEGO, by the way) and the LEGO Shop online goes to support the site, including our sponsorship of events like the SEALUG LEGO display at Emerald City Comicon last month and BrickCon each year. Whether you click through from us or from another favorite LEGO site, you’re helping the LEGO fan community (at no additional cost to you).

Ninjago discounts on Amazon

The highly popular LEGO Ninjago The Golden Dragon 70503 is on sale for 22% off at $23.49 on Amazon. This is the lowest price I’ve seen for this set since it came out. There is also a 28% discount on LEGO Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider Set 9449. Keep in mind that prices fluctuate often and might change soon.

Save $32 on LEGO Star Wars 9516 Jabba’s Palace

Amazon.com has discounted 9516 Jabba’s Palace, down $32 from $120 (27% off). With free shipping and no sales tax in most states, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

(Via FBTB.)

And if you’re still looking to complete the current Tatooine collection, 75005 Rancor Pit is also 13% off.

LEGO Iron Man 3 sets out now [News]

The movie doesn’t come out for nearly two months, but the Iron Man 3 LEGO sets are out now from both the LEGO Shop online and Amazon.com (though they’re coming and going from the latter).

Note: You might temporarily need to turn off any ad-blocker plugins you’re running in your browser to see the links.

LEGO Shop links:

Amazon.com links (make sure you don’t get gouged by third-party vendors; check MSRP before buying if it’s not available directly from Amazon):

And since they were out at brick-and-morter stores even earlier, check out Chris’s reviews of all three sets right here on The Brothers Brick:

LEGO Friends 3189 Heartlake Stables + Brandenburg Gate on sale

Amazon.com has discounted 3189 Heartlake Stables by more than 30%, down $15.99 from $49.99 (thus you pay only $34).

Amazon also has 21011 Brandenburg Gate (or as FBTB calls it, a sand green cheese battle pack) on sale for $22.97, down 34% from $34.99 (you save $12.02).