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Time to MAN up and get to work

Cement mixers are probably not the most evocative of heavy commercial vehicles, but that might change after you see this gorgeous 1:25 scale LEGO recreation of a MAN TGS 8×4 by Lasse Deleuran:

MAN TGS 8 x 4 in scale 1:25 (Model Team)

There’s just so much to love here, from the extremely accurate cab detailing to the mixing drum, which actually rotates (check out the video). I also love flashy lights, and this truck has plenty. The use of plates to get the swirling pattern on the drum is particularly cool. I’d be silly not to share this awesome still shot of the drum rotating, which also shows off the nicely detailed hopper and discharge chute:

MAN TGS 8 x 4 Rolling

There are so many details to appreciate in this exquisite and unique vehicle. So, while laying cement may not be the most exciting profession, the builder shows us you can at least do it in style.