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Who says vinyl is dead?

Artist and graphic designer Arran Hearn makes real world objects modelled in LEGO. His latest model is an L44-7 Stylus & Headshell modelled after Shure’s M44-7. Notice the clever use of arches to model the holes in the structure. Also use of the crowbar as the needle is quite brilliant. Unfortunately, Shure has discontinued this particular stylus, but it is an impressive, scaled-up version. Now if only there was a vinyl record to go with it…

L44-7 Stylus & Headshell

Meeesa built a micro Gungan City!

Elemental LEGO’s micro build of Otoh Gunga is a superb example of micro building. How can any of us forget seeing the shot of Jar Jar and the Jedi swimming under water revealing the glowing city of golden spheres with John William’s score a swelling maelstrom of choral voices filling out the soundscape.

The builder has made an effective use of Submersible Bubble, Canopy Dome, Glass Dome, Minifigure Globe, Crystal Ball, and Minifigure Helmet as the hydrostatic spheres encapsulating the city. Notice the small Bonga Submersible made from Ninjago Throwing Star, and Mifigure Claw. Using the Infinity Stone this must be the smallest school of fish made with LEGO elements.

Elemental LEGO is on Instagram and Flickr.

The future is alive…

The car hovers but is it also a time machine? This ‘Advocate’ Hovercar by Tammo S. looks like it would fit right in Disney’s 2007 Meet the Robinsons or possibly Futurama. A lot of curved elements are half submerged within the body of the model. Tammo makes use of similarly shaped elements in like colors, such as the 4×4 clear dome, 4×4 plate with 2×2 hole cutout, and 2x4x5 cylinder half. The white wheel arches at the front are at a slight angle with each other to contour with the white 1x3x3 curved elements in front.

Now if only we could see inside, or better yet have Wilbur Robinson crash it so Lewis can rebuild it. Beware the bowler hat guy!