New items from Citizenbrick, Brickarms, and Eclipsegrafx [News]

Last week was a big week for fans of custom made LEGO figures and accessories, with three of the biggest 3rd party vendors releasing new products. First up in the Citizenbrick corner we have “The Mayor of Flavortown”, genuine LEGO parts custom pad printed with a design that bears a striking resemblance to some Guy; Continue reading →

New Items from Brickarms released on Black Friday!

BrickArms has released a new selection of weapons and all of their US-based resellers will have them in stock in time for Black Friday. All other resellers will have them very soon, if they don’t already. Two of BrickArms’ resellers, GI Bricks and Brickmania, are having sales and/or special offers of their own as well.

Review of GI Bricks Exclusive Crate Packs featuring BrickArms and Brick Mercenaries

I just picked up a Claymore Crate from GI Bricks to review and Julie sent me the other two packs as well. All of these packs come with a BrickArms crate with special printing and four BrickArms weapons painted by Brick Mercenaries. They are available exclusively from GI Bricks. The Bloodshed Crate This pack comes Continue reading →

The exclusive “Pigs vs. Cows” BrickArms crate has been unveiled

Guy Himber’s Pigs vs. Cows project is well underway, but still needs pledges! An exciting part of some the pledges is an exclusive PvC BrickArms crate that will be included with the Pig and Cow heads. Also one of the $1000 pledges has been picked up so everyone will be receiving cat heads as well! Continue reading →

Custom Roundup: BrickArms, BrickForge, BrickWarriors & BrickFortress

Spring is upon us and the makers of custom accessories are coming out with more new items to tempt us! First up, BrickArms just released 10 new guns that run the gamut from World War II to Sci-Fi. Fans will be excited to see the E-11 and DL-44 come to production. Personally, I’m pretty excited Continue reading →

BrickArms on Evening Magazine [News]

Will Chapman over at BrickArms was featured on yesterday’s episode of Evening Magazine here in Seattle. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, everyone else in the world can now watch the segment, in which Will talks about the origins of his business and his creative process, and shows off some of the equipment he Continue reading →

Custom Roundup: Crazy Arms, Brickarms, Brickforge & BrickWarriors.

There have been so many new custom items coming out recently, it is almost overwhelming. I’ve been meaning to highlight several of these items and more of them keep coming out! First on the list is Guy Himber’s Crazy Arms. Guy sent me some of these awhile back but I never got pictures uploaded because Continue reading →

BrickArms featured on NPR & in new book on “makers”

I’ve been a fan of BrickArms ever since Will Chapman won me over during a talk at BrickCon way back in 2006. Since then, Will has expanded his business to a new dedicated location, released more new designs than we can keep up with, and been featured in numerous publications and media outlets. The latest Continue reading →

BrickArms to release minifig weapons from upcoming Offensive Combat game

BrickArms is partnering with U4iA Games to make custom minifig weapons from the upcoming Offensive Combat game. You can read more about it on PRWeb or check out the designs on Flickr. Let us know what you think about the start of customizers creating officially licensed products.

BrickArms August release features more WWII and modern guns

BrickArms released new weapons including the M1919 Machine Gun, HAC (Heavy Assault Carbine), ARC (Advanced Recon Carbine), and M3 Grease Gun to equip your military minifigs.

New BrickArms minigun is six barrels of awesome [Review]

It’s been almost exactly two years since I last did an in-depth review of any custom accessories, for a number of different reasons. I’ve been crazy busy with work (yes, TBB contributors all have “real” jobs), but more importantly none of the stuff from the accessory vendors has really excited me enough to highlight here Continue reading →

BrickArms gets shiny!

I have a soft spot for shiny things, and I can’t take my eyes off these 24K gold-plated BrickArms weapons. The good news is that you have a chance to get one in their newly released mystery packs. There’s a 5% chance you’ll strike gold when you spend $12 on a mystery pack, so happy Continue reading →