New items from Citizenbrick, Brickarms, and Eclipsegrafx [News]

Last week was a big week for fans of custom made LEGO figures and accessories, with three of the biggest 3rd party vendors releasing new products.

First up in the Citizenbrick corner we have “The Mayor of Flavortown”, genuine LEGO parts custom pad printed with a design that bears a striking resemblance to some Guy; can’t remember his name though…

Welcome to Flavortown – population: this guy.

Next, we have Brickarms offering three new weapons packs, and a new assortment of custom molded weapons. These weapons are injection molded using ABS, in a process similar to that LEGO uses. The assortment includes production versions of the highly anticipated M4-SBR, and M4-TAC, previously only available in rare prototype form.

NEW Brickarms

Last, but not least, is Eclipsegrafx with two epic new custom printed minifigures. They were available at Brickworld Chicago for the first time last weekend, and proprietor Victor says they should be on his website for sale soon.
There’s the “Cyborg Assassin”, whom you’d better go with if you want to live:

Cyborg assassin

And a “Super Mutant” who spent a little too much time out in the nuclear fallout…

Super Mutant

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