A LEGO journey through childhood

Once again, builder Maxx Davidson has treated us to some delightful eye candy, skillfully incorporating not only LEGO bricks, but also other assorted elements that might require a deep dive into the internet to confirm their authenticity as “LEGO-branded.” Titled ‘Assorted Childhood Toys,’ the undiscerning eye would be hard-pressed to identify these as toys built out of other toys. However, the builder has expertly used LEGO to transport the beholder to a place of reminiscence.

Assorted childhood toys

Though rare to come by nowadays, this evokes memories of trips to the grocery store. I almost want to ask Mom for a quarter in hopes of scoring a small plastic treat!
Assorted childhood toys

It’s hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t immediately recognize the shape of a yo-yo, isn’t it? This contraption fuses together parts from the LEGO Dots and Sonic the Hedgehog themes into an iconic toy.
Assorted childhood toys

While these ginormous jacks are a sight to behold, it’s the use of the Earth sphere from LEGO Technic 42179 Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit as a bouncy ball that really sells it here.
Assorted childhood toys

Last but not least, this brings back personal memories of visiting a doctor’s office and enjoying my time while waiting to be seen by my medical provider.
Assorted childhood toys

And this is no one-off from this skilled builder. Take a look through the TBB archives to see some of Maxx’s other astounding work.

3 comments on “A LEGO journey through childhood

  1. Brick n motor

    Some of the pieces gotta be 3d printed in the certain colors. Which is why I want one so bad!

  2. Kaden

    I’m guessing you mean the flexible bars. I can’t see layer lines, maybe they used electrical wiring or a knock-off Lego product

  3. hntrains

    We only had the yo-yo.
    Wondering if those little balls can actually come out through that little opening.

    P.S. “Though rare to come by nowadays, this evokes memories of trips to the grocery store”: what is rare to come by nowadays, this [build] or the grocery store?

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