Watch for the right time to build something new

It’s that time again, LEGO fans! We’ve got yet another exceptional creation by Dicken Liu, and this one is the embodiment of exceptional timing. Well, maybe not exactly in the way you were thinking. This goofy, anthropomorphized alarm clock is an exceptional accessory, with it’s cartoonish arms and legs jutting out from a watch face adorned with a blue boomerang for hands. And while it may not actually tell time, at least the band does clip together to make it the perfect brick-built fashion statement.

Alarm Clock03

4 comments on “Watch for the right time to build something new

  1. Luna

    Not sure how I missed (or forgot?) that we have the sausage brick available in gold now. Time to copy this idea and build a cute little Miss Minutes for my desk! Also, I agree that the boomerang here is a really clever touch.

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