The frog mecha-army leaps into action!

Everyone’s got their favourite LEGO element. It might be the popular headlight brick, or something completely rogue like a Clikits flower. (Hey, each to their own!) I have a sneaky feeling that some of Simon Liu‘s favourite pieces are those pertaining to frogs. Why? Well, he’s listed as a Frog King in a group on Flickr, for starters. And the Frog King has assembled an amphibian army to do his bidding! This exosuit for the rank-and-file, for instance, houses a Super Mario frog hat.

Joint Attack Kombat Exosuit (JAKE)

Every army needs some top brass to croak orders, and that’s the role this buff-looking chap takes. Getting definite drill sergeant vibes from this one. That’s a Duplo frog outfit in there, by the way.

General: Ranger Army/Navy Troops (GRANT)

And if you thought a Duplo frog was a maverick parts choice… If you were a babe in arms in the late 1990s (or if you had one), you might remember LEGO Primo. That’s where the pilot for this heavy weapons guy comes from! It’s such a deep cut, it’s probably my favourite of the lot.

Heavy Attack/Defense/Deterrence ENgineer (HADDEN)

But of course, no frog army would be complete without something for the original frog element introduced in 2001 (and unchanged since). There’s a bit of a size difference to some of its comrades. Be careful not to get stepped on!

Elite Light Infantry (ELI)

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