This Blueberry Container House may contain awesomeness

Sarah Beyer’s title for this new LEGO creation; Blueberry Container House enticed me enough to research it just a bit further. Once I did, I was treated to some breathtaking spaces both inside and out. Sarah tells us that this recycled home is primarily made of two shipping containers connected by a spiral staircase. While it’s safe to assume she’s a bit of an architectural dynamo, this is her first attempt at a container home. The solar cells indicate that this home is energy efficient. The structure’s oddly stacked juxtaposition makes for some exciting areas; particularly the nestled walled sitting area among the trees and the angular deck beside the top floor.

Blueberry Container House MOC VII

This view better illustrates the aforementioned deck. I can see myself spending the afternoon out there with a drawing tablet or maybe even a good book about container homes.

Blueberry Container House MOC. Terrace.

The rear view highlights how the top container sits askew the other. A rather exciting glassed-in support structure likely houses the spiral staircase.

Blueberry Container House MOC III

I’d be remiss not to show you some of the interior shots. With this one, I can’t decide what I’d like more; penning a pretty good TBB article at that desk, or enjoying a drink and soaking in the stunning view from that easy chair.

Blueberry Container House MOC. Home office.

And while there are tons of other cozy nooks and crannies within this home, the cat in the kitchen was the selling point for me. When can I move in? While I fill out the necessary paperwork, why not check out our Sarah Beyer archives to discover more architectural(and sometimes character) marvels?

Blueberry Container House MOC

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  1. maxfragg

    Sahra proofs again her standing as one of the best MOC-architects out there. Outstanding design and implementation

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