The 1864 Battle of Dybbol won Best Battle Scene at Brickfair, Virginia

Sometimes a LEGO creation can be small and still impressive. But sometimes it can be on such a grand scale, that it takes a team of friends to make it happen. That is the case with this stunning Battle of Dybbol scene built by Hunter Erickson and friends. In the builder’s words; Prussia under Wilhelm I and his foreign minister Otto Von Bismarck sought to unify the German states under one banner through careful diplomacy and war. One example of this was the 8-month-long Second Schleswig War between Prussia and Austria against Denmark. The German Confederation thought it was unacceptable that Denmark sought to further integrate the majority German Duchy of Schleswig into the Danish state in 1863. This was seen as a violation of the London Protocol that ended the First Schleswig War in 1852. War was inevitable and in 1864, Prussia and Austria invaded Denmark. That is the scene depicted here.

The Battle of Dybbol, 1864

They have provided some closeups of the action including this Danish trench.

Danish Trench

This scene depicts the large numbers of the Danish 8th Brigade.

Danish 8th Brigade

Zooming out just a bit, this photograph illustrates the horrific landscape that trench warfare can become complete with cannon fire, explosions and even at least one exploded body.


The other collaborators in this massive diorama are: Alex_bricks, Carson_brix_1, h2brick, natelego_, and Ship_Raider. This collaboration was well worth the effort as it won Best Battle Scene at Brickfair, Virginia this year. Please be sure to check out our collaboration archives to see the magic that occurs when several builders pool their collective efforts. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Daniel Christensen

    As a Dane this is crazy cool to see in Lego form. If they ever were to make and add on it should be Dybol mill (Dybøl Mølle) as the battle is knows as the battle of Dybol mill in Denmark.

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