A spaceship of a different color

Like the old saying, “a horse of a different color,” this LEGO spaceship by Dwalin Forkbeard is quite unique. Not only is it fairly uncommon for spaceships to be brown, most spaceships don’t have wings such as these either. With all the ships out there, it’s refreshing to see one that is distinctly different. The brown spaceman provides the perfect opportunity to build a ship that suits him, and this does it so well. The angles, landing gear, and barrel booster are all pleasing to the eye.


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1 comment on “A spaceship of a different color

  1. hntrains

    Imagine having a spacecraft like that, which is a wooden shack with an improvised engine on the roof: you would be the laughing stock of the galaxy. But would you care, if it took you wherever you would need to go, from moon to moon, from planet to planet?

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