The age of men is over, the time of the Mecha-Orc has come!

Well, now I’ve seen everything! Direct from the imagination of Illia Zubashev comes this hearty band of LEGO orcs armed with a mech suit, a rocket pack, and one huge rocket launcher. I absolutely love the colors here! The greens of the orcish skin and dark tan of the terrain provide wonderful contrast with the safety yellow and of this troop’s equipment. Unorganized and organic patters interplay with neat black-and-white checkerboards and safety striping. It instantly signals that these devices are out of place in this setting. And yet, the hints of rust and a few haphazard patch jobs apparent on the modern equipment still anchors this scene in reality (or at least a reality where fantasy has been gut-checked by sci-fi). May this platoon have much success in its raid of the nearby kingdom of Cyber-Elves.

Rokkit Launcha Trakk.

3 comments on “The age of men is over, the time of the Mecha-Orc has come!

  1. Dwalin

    I would be really appreciate if you’ll change my name writing to Illia (Ilya is a russian variant. Thanks gods, I’m not russian)

  2. jawj

    Illia, that is fantastic! Very orky (yes, I think the spelling in this context is definitely ‘ork’).

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