Does anyone know how to convert 12 parsecs to Midi-Scale?

I think there’s a strong case to be made that no vehicle has been built in LEGO form more than the Millennium Falcon. There are dozens of official sets and countless more custom creations, but very few of them look as smooth as this Midi-Scale rendition by FlyInSpace. This near-studless Star Wars spaceship achieves it’s look thanks to plenty of overlapping panels connected via lots of clever Studs Not On Top construction. This is an especially impressive feat when you consider how thin the model is. And, while this ship might not be large enough for a minifigure crew, it still contains plenty of functionality, including landing gear and an openable boarding ramp.

Millennium Falcon - Hyperspace

3 comments on “Does anyone know how to convert 12 parsecs to Midi-Scale?

  1. Jimmy

    A bricklink search for “Millennium Falcon” brings up 25 sets. A search for “X-Wing” shows 37 sets. But those searches won’t show any sets that don’t have those terms in the set name. The X-Wing includes versions like Poe’s, so depending on your standards I guess that may not count as being the same vehicle or not. It’s an interesting question either way for sure!

    This MOC is gorgeous.

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