LEGO Ideas reveals 21339 BTS Dynamite — a 749-piece tribute to the band’s most popular music video [News]

Today, following a couple of record-breaking tweets teasing the fans, LEGO finally reveals the new Ideas 21339 BTS Dynamite set. The 749-piece build featuring all the members of the Korean boy band as seen in the iconic music video, will go on sale March 1, for US $99.99 | CAN $129.99 | UK £89.99.

BTS ‘Dynamite’ was the band’s first single with lyrics written entirely in English. Additionally, the music video premiered in a timezone friendly to fans in the US. With the new set LEGO takes a similar approach, but instead of the US and Europe, it aims at the Philippines and South Korea — countries known for the biggest number of the band’s fans. Hence the unconventional embargo time (nearly 10 hours earlier than most LEGO announcements).

A quick glance at the box reveals that design-wise the final product by LEGO is a massive improvement from the original submission by Josh Bretz (aka JBBrickFanatic) and Jacob (aka BangtanBricks). Not only did the designers turn the minifigures into personalised miniature versions of the singers but also completed the set with a tiny ice-cream van and even more palm trees.

The original concept was submitted back in May 2021, became viral overnight, and gathered 10,000 supporters within a month. LEGO confirmed this submission as the new product a year ago. Now, the 21-month-long journey is over as the set is almost on the store shelves.

The build consists of several sub-models, each depicting a scene from the music video. Although the set doesn’t include the opening scene with Jungkook enjoying his glass of milk, the rest of the locations are here. According to the set’s description, each section can be detached and displayed individually.

Arguably the boldest addition to the fan concept is a massive mechanised dance stage. You can’t deny BTS their signature choreography. And, although, LEGO minifigures are not as flexible as Korean pop-stars, the magic of LEGO Technic gears hidden inside the stage will guarantee the performers top synchronisation — whichever routine they perform tonight.

Now, to the minifigures! There can’t be any doubt: RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook — or, their LEGO versions — are the main selling point of the set. Technically, they join the only other band commemorated in the form of LEGO characters, 21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine.

Throughout the 3-minute-long music video each member of the band changes their outfits at least couple of times. Unfortunately, the LEGO set only offers one outfit per performer; however, extra parts could have been edited to the set in the same way as in 10291 Queer Eye. But since it didn’t happen, Jin is doomed to perform in his Saint Laurent silk shirt forever.

Surprisingly enough, none of the figures have prints on their legs. LEGO spoiled minifigure fans with lush, extra detailed designs featuring complex printed patterns on both legs and arms. Turns out, the BTS stylists are to blame: Gucci pants chosen for the video actually have no prints at all.

BTS fans will appreciate the set’s possibilities for recreating iconic shots right from the music video. Either you a fan of Jungkook and his doughnut, or RM in the vinyl store, or j-hope dancing in the Dynamite diner, the set will deliver.

The products concept, playability and complexity indicate that it’s a pretty basic LEGO build, which is perfect for a customer with little or zero LEGO experience. However, some actual LEGO fans may enjoy the ice-cream truck’s design, which was also added by the Ideas designers. Being a 4-stud-wide vehicle, it carries some very distinctive design features from LEGO Town of 1980-s. Now, we wonder what Sam Johnson, who worked on the set, will have to say about it.

Here’s the full press release:

Light it Up with the New LEGO Ideas BTS Set

16th February, 2023: The LEGO Group are lighting it up with their latest set – a tribute to the global pop icons – BTS. The LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite set, designed by a LEGO fan, features the seven-piece band on the video set of their global smash-hit single “Dynamite”, which when released in August 2020 reached over 100 million views in less than one day and one billion views in just eight months, and even gave the band their first number-one single in the United States.

Sing, song the night away as you build this 749-piece LEGO set and uncover authentically recreated details that mirror scenes from the iconic music video. Customers can now combine at-home karaoke sessions with brick building and immerse themselves in a world of disco, donuts and dynamic dance moves.

The new set embodies the band’s creative forms of expression and includes the vibrant donut shop, ice cream truck and record store. Each building is fully detachable from the set, allowing for individual play and display experiences.

But the set wouldn’t be complete without the biggest South Korean boy band in the world – who are now also available in LEGO minifigure form for the first time. All seven minifigures of the band members – RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook – are ready to sing and dance in sync on the LEGO stages.

This LEGO Ideas set was the brainchild of LEGO fans and friends Josh, 20 from Indiana, and Jacob, 21 from New York. Combining their love of BTS and passion for LEGO building, they worked together to bring the set to life.

Talking about their process, Jacob said: “Josh did the building and design work and, as a massive BTS fan, I told him what needed to be in it, what details were most important. It was a really fun process”.

Josh continued, saying: “Jacob had the BTS knowledge, and he was able to direct my build in the proper way. I watched the music video over and over and tried to capture its essence in the LEGO bricks. It was insane when the project went viral online overnight.”

Talking about developing the set, Federico Begher, Head of LEGO Product Group, commented: “When we saw Josh and Jacob’s colourful design we knew it would be a hit and this was proved by how quickly they reached 10,000 views in the LEGO Ideas voting. The BTS fans have already got behind the design and so it was important that we were as faithful to the original creation as possible. The set highlights creativity, passion and most importantly, fun! We can’t wait to see the fans building and displaying it.”

And below is the full picture gallery:

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