There are pirates aplenty amid these LEGO islands made from 800,000 bricks

You know you’re in for a seriously large LEGO creation when four great builders (Joshua Morris, Rod Fiford, Gavin Rich, and Handoko Setyawan) put their heads together on a pirate scene. And with the Cerulean Straits clocking in at a fully-detailed nine square meters, they did not disappoint! All 144 baseplates of brick were on display recently at Brickvention in Melbourne, Australia. I’ll do my best to cover as much of the 800,000 bricks as I can….


Our first stop at this port is to get some grub at the Krak’n Snack. I mean, where else are you going to find a set of tentacles skilled in the art of sashimi? Handoko’s parts usage here is marvelous, utilizing different T-Rex pieces to make the head and arms of the squiddish beast. And the concept of hiding most of the creature within a ship, both to allow for flexibility in fashioning its shape and to almost provide a “workspace” for it, is a brilliant storytelling idea!


Gavin’s contribution includes some beautifully-crafted schooners and galleons. This is a talent that I’m quite jealous of, as most of my ships end up looking more like a wedge of pie than anything else. These boats not only have the look of period vessels, but are open enough to house some brilliant minifigure scenes. Loading barrels, abandoning ship, sword fighting – all of these activities are vividly on display. But that said, sometimes it’s the simple things that stand out the most….

Cerulean Straits

It’s not until we reach Rod’s quadrant that we find something that’s not been a big part of the map thus far: sandy coastline. His landscaping skills are on full display here: exposed studs, the occasional spot of green or gray, and a steady gradient down to the water properly replicates a natural beach. The voids along the sand only make the pockets of activity stand out more, showcasing the fishermen bringing in their haul and the benches next to that darling red-roofed tavern, filled with thirsty patrons.

And don’t forget every LEGO pirate’s nemesis: the Imperials. Joshua gives them quite the base of operations with this white coastal fortress. Its pale walls look well-worn and are broken up nicely with the occasional crack, revealing their interior adobe construction. Add to that the clay-tiled roof and curves reminiscent of a Spanish mission, and the stronghold feels right at home in the scene. And make sure to check out Joshua’s Instagram for some great shots of the market in front of the castle.

Overall, what a wonderful build by this quartet of LEGO masters. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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