From the arena of Iron Builder comes Iron City

The competition is heating up over at Iron Builder and we’re all pretty thrilled about it. That means job security for us and entertainment for you bloodthirsty readers. This time esteemed builder LEGO Monkey has constructed Iron City where I presume the competition is held and all important Iron Builder decisions are made. I love the overall lofty city-in-the-clouds feel and the Monkey makes excellent use of the seed part 41 times in this particular build. For those who may not know, Iron Builder has two renowned builders duke it out for a month or so building some amazing LEGO creations all while using a specified seed part. It’s kinda like Bumfights except without all the controversy and litigation. Speaking of jokes that peaked in 2008, I went a couple of bouts in the Iron Builder arena way back when I had other haircut choices but I won’t link the results here because I’m still recovering from the mental trauma. Instead, check out how other Iron Builder competitors have fared lately.

Iron City