Whether day or night, these vans are arockin’ so don’t come aknockin’!

My childhood self in the 70s and 80s saw plenty of elaborately painted street vans, a phenomenon that has been sadly lost to time. But LEGO vehicle builder Isaac Wilder has kept the beautiful dream alive with this retro pair of Dodge street vans. Here’s a fiery sunrise van that I can attest was a common theme back in the 70s. That front bumper is totally sick!

Dodge Street Van (Sun)

For emissions more nocturnal we have a dark moonlit Dodge street van counterpart. The magic of these is, without even mentioning it, one can imagine the plush shag interiors and the not-quite-lawful activities going on inside. Also the sticker on the rear window that declares; gas, grass, or ass nobody rides for free. While all three may be enticing, clicking the Isaac Wilder link is a free trip so give it a gander.

Dodge Street Van (Moon)