Snowspeeding like it’s 1999

Does this picture look familiar to you? If you answered yes, you’re either student of LEGO box art, or you’re a LEGO Star Wars fan of a certain age. That, or you’re a fan of 2bricks‘s work. Not content with building an iconic Star Wars vehicle, they’ve gone ahead and replicated the box art for the original snowspeeder, released in the very late ’90s. The resemblance is uncanny, and very well executed – even the AT-AT leg in the background is made of bricks. Let’s take nothing away from the speeder though! The way all those angles come together at the front is just *chef’s kiss*. Nostalgia be damned – this is some upgrade compared to 1999!

Recreating the 1999 Lego Snowspeeder box art using my MOC