Nothing more than a cockpit with blue wings

Builder David Roberts has got a new LEGO anti-grav racer barreling down the pipe. This boxy blue build is adorable with its four chunky blue wings, awesome red and white checker pattern, and snug cockpit perfect for minimizing drag while still holding a driver. And the bit of yellow pipe that it’s traveling through is great as well, dashed with lines of azure tiles to mark the racer’s path. But my favorite detail has got to be the technic brick and axle pattern in red on the side of each stubby wing. Instead of working around the connection of the wing to the racer’s body, David rolls with it and incorporates the pattern of the axle stuck in the technic hole as a part of the design. The white headlight bricks below the red technic ones bring it all together into a great little space racer!

Blue Flyer