Street corner coffee shop

There’s nothing better than a relaxing stroll through the alleys and streets of a quaint LEGO village, this one constructed by Y. Muto. Multiple levels of terraces attach to the different buildings perched above the tight courtyard below. Delightful roofing techniques in different colors give the different rooftops their own individual character. Each building’s window treatments seem to provide a place for window gardens or ivy. I especially love the different color tiles contrasting the white walls of the green-roofed building with the bay windows.

Green Street Corner

The café opens out onto the street, and seems like a lovely place to relax. After you grab your mug of joe, you can relax under the large tree in the adjacent courtyard, enjoying the flowers in the shade. The angles and different orientations of each level in this build are eye-catching. The various colors pop against the grey and white buildings. Black railings provide the perfect contrast to the organic and inorganic textures in the model.

Green Street Corner

This angle looking down the back alley shows us that the detail and foliage continue just out of view from the original picture. I love this shot and its partner showing off the tree in the square and the stairs going up to the alley above the coffee shop.

This would be quite the lovely addition to any custom LEGO city. Its obtuse angle is a great example of ways to break the grid-like structure that can limit city layouts. Builder Y. Muto has a great handle on architectural builds so it’s no surprise that this looks so satisfying.