One strange Bionicle bunny

Well not quite a bunny, but actually an evil servant of Makuta! Alex Mertens has created this impressive version of Lariska from the Bionicle lore; a Dark Hunter who never got an official set. Presented in a mainly turquoise colour scheme, the character has a slim, agile looking design, fitting with the descriptions of her acrobatic combat style. A variety of pieces from the Clikits theme have been added to create pink highlights across the build. A panel piece, featured in a classic Rock Raiders set, forms part of the front section of the head. Minifigure helmets are cleverly used to cover connecting joints at the shoulders and upper thighs. Long skis represent the feet, with the implication that Lariska uses these to spring into the air for devastating aerial attacks.


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  1. polkergeist

    Small correction – I believe those are technic figure helmets, rather than minifig!

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