The future of freight

We might be facing shipping delays here but Stijn van der Laan shows us what the future of high class shipping can look like. This LEGO interplanetary freighter is absolutely stunning and the modular cargo load pairs perfectly. The simple white and grey colors with orange highlights contrasts nicely with the bright cargo and worker vessel. The subtle shaping adds some great texture and depth to the fairly simple overall shaping of the freighter. This is an absolute masterclass of microspace.

Interplanetary freighter

These azure triangular containers gain their main shape from the Nexo Knights hexagonal plate. Their shape lets them nestle in close on their storage rack. The light gray contrasts beautifully with the dark azure and light blue of the containers themselves.

Container racks

These containers use simplest shape of the three, but by no means the dullest. The contrast between dark tan and dark blue is perfect, and the waterslide decals in white give a bit of extra character. The stud openings on the sides add additional detail and texture.

Octagon containers

This rotary container rack is visually striking with all of the smaller container boxes on the rotating cores. Waterslide decals are again used here for details on the shipping containers. The best part of this is the fact that each core actually rotates giving easy access to each small box.

Dual rotary container rack

The engine component has so many great details and parts usages. The flex tubing inside the headlight bricks and the curved tubing looks amazing. Black ingot tiles are always a favorite for small details.

MSJ-06II-E engine component

Overall this is a wonderful build by Stijn!

3 comments on “The future of freight

  1. Roloff

    And it’s still more than 3 months before SHIPtember! Very awesome build and I love the cutting mat as a backdrop for the pictures, it works so well for these elements! Very well done, geweldig, Stijn!

  2. Jimmy

    Really beautiful work -and inspiring to get out some bricks and try making a big SHIP myself.

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