Straight from the Boonta Eve Classic, it’s Anakin Skywalker and his custom podracer!

This dynamic vehicle is lovingly crafted from LEGO by Matt in excellent detail! I’ve always loved this podracer, and this build reminds me why. The engines are slick, and the cockpit is stylish. Of course, it doesn’t hurt it’s the fastest racer ever! Can you hear those engines purring, the energy binder humming? Some cool parts usage at work in those racing engines, like the yellow helmets from the LEGO Space theme. Another nice callback, this time to the Arctic theme, are the yellow snowshoes on the engines’ midsection. They have the waffle cutouts perfect for those vent covers! Something I appreciate is the use of transparent cones for that undulating effect of the active energy binder.

Anakin’s Podracer

Taking a closer look at the cockpit, we can see how clean the design is. Minifigure hands are versatile parts, in use here as cabling guides and antennae. It’s nice to see those antennae on the build, as they’re often forgotten for simplicity’s sake. The use of minifigure pistols is a great way to save space for the pod controls. Matt certainly utilizes the space well to give us all the details without making the pod unruly or cumbersome.

Anakin’s Podracer

We can catch a glimpse of the back of the racer as Anakin zips by! From this angle we can really see the length of the pod itself, and the details on the exhaust output of the engines. Unicorn horns are well used for the points of engines. Clips are used for the exhaust venting, and there’s a bit of a drill piece buried in there for some excellent mechanical textures.

Anakin’s Podracer

There’s no doubt this little podracer is the best on offer in the Boonta Eve Classic! The engines are custom tuned and the pod is sleek, allowing for some sweet turns and handling. Now that’s a podracer!

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