Revisiting the classic TIE Fighter from Star Wars

TIE Fighters are one of the most iconic spaceships in pop culture today, and one of the most fun to see built with LEGO. Faku Saku returns to the classic ship with this redesign of an earlier TIE Fighter model he did a few years back. Redesigned and built from the ground up, the wings on this fighter stand out with some exquisite details. Right from the gate, we can see Faku kept the grille tiles for the solar panel detailing on the outside of the wings. Tiles and wedges nicely fill in the inside of the wings. The points where the wings attach to the ship’s body feature greater screen accuracy than the original model. And the outside of the wings? They have a cleaner and stronger appearance than most builds I’ve seen for a Tie Fighter!

TIE fighter v2

Faku even gives us a nice side-by-side comparison of his new wing design and the screen version. This is where you can really appreciate the level of care that went into this new design. Check out the cool use of those roller skates and the binoculars. Just amazing! And those struts reaching out to the wing’s edges are wonderfully clean. If I saw this in real life I would be very tempted to swoosh it around and make laser and engine sounds.

TIE wings comparison