A scenic path to a forest retreat

Builder Salt_city_bricks gives us a lovely LEGO retreat in a peaceful forest. Two travelers make their way home after an adventurous walk through the forest. They cross a cute little bridge that uses headlight bricks, open studs, and flex tubing for its curvature. Vibrant trees and flowers surround the house on the hill and the babbling brook. There’s not a bit of space left unused on the forest floor! It’s full of plant life, even growing up the sides of the hill to wreath around the multi-story house. The color blocking breaks the scene up into smaller areas to explore.


The returning travelers take in the fragrant aroma of the earthy forest and sweet flowers, and they’re not the only ones. Butterflies and other insects adorn many of the flowers and plants, and a frog sits beside the stream ready to jump into the cool water. The sunflowers are simple, but well crafted, as are the adorable and bright mushrooms. There’s also a better view of the walk up to the house. Bars, bar holders, and round tiles make up the path’s railing.


The house stands tall on the hill, looking over the forest and stream. Plates, tiles, slopes, and bricks comprise the house’s stonework. Some of the plant life starts to creep amongst the stone with those ivy tendrils poking out! the upper story of the building possesses some cool texturing and colorings made possible by rounded plates and those nice masonry bricks. Layered plates and tiles of varying lengths give the roof a wonderful worn appearance. Though, the travelers ought to think about some repairs soon…


At the end of the forest path stand two trees with overgrown flowers and greenery for company. They welcome or bid goodbye to those coming and going along the trail, ever watching with their radiant canopies. Within their bark are whips and droid arms to give depth and texture. Their roots reach out and deep to hold the trees fast and steady. There’s even an awesome spider leg standing in for a root on the orange-topped tree!


This build is gorgeous from every angle, and it leaves me feeling inspired and in awe of the natural world and all its wonders. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going out for a walk among some trees and flowers.