Exploring the cloudy canopies of Algastarr

This LEGO build by Peter Stella shows us something wondrous aboard a stylish frigate. The ship we see here is a new version from a previous build of Peter’s that hadn’t met the builder’s expectations. Trimming the nose and the top of the engine block, this ship’s structure stands out with it’s new geometry. The colors really pop too! Check out that sand-blue inverted slope in the first blue stripe. I favor those teal blocks just below the stripe–such a cool color to see on a spacefaring vessel. However, the ship isn’t the only cool thing in this build; let’s talk about the planet. The floating islands are beautifully constructed using simple techniques that really shine. I particularly like the shaping of the leaves on the trees, and the use of an Indiana Jones whip on the small one in the bottom right corner.

The Floating Rocks of Algastarr

Want to see more about this build, and what went into it? Peter has a great YouTube video detailing the ship, the islands, and how they’re all constructed.