The Iron Starhopper

Certain parts show up a lot throughout the year thanks to LEGO fans’ tendency to challenge each other’s ingenuity, such as the recurring Iron Builder challenge. For his third model using the red hexagonal windscreen part, builder Jake Hansen went for a space angle. This multifaceted spacecraft might not hold much by way of cargo but it can certainly get you from Planet A to Planet B in good time.

Fe Starhopper

Ships like these are intricate puzzles that show off the nontraditional or unexpected ways that builders find to fit pieces together. Triangular clip plates in the nose snuggly fit in the area between the red windscreens while grey domes of reducing size fill the space behind. The light blue ski poles in the front, along with the other uses of the color by the engines or along each side of the body, perfectly compliments and contrasts the red of the windscreen. Stacks of minifigure skates in grey are built into each arm of the body, providing an industrial texture that works really well in this ship. This swift little starhopper is just another example of Jake’s prodigious skill.