Rugged rover vibes abound

We’re halfway through FebRovery and the models keep coming. Stand-outs can be hard to find but LEGO builder Julius Kanand has provided us with a near-future gem worth gushing about. A collection of old and new parts, the builder certainly had fun figuring out the finer details in this model. The suspension, which looks a lot like a Coilover suspension in each arm, is full of functioning parts, including the spring suspensions used near the central body. This is a pretty smart way to usefully integrate the suspension so that the body stays relatively still as the arms move up and down to respond to the terrain. Those big, classic wheels provide plenty of clearance under the body along a retro-future vibe to match the Classic Space planet logo used in the tailpiece. There is a ton of nice parts usage in this build, including the skateboard communications array, along with the storable helper bot that the green spacemen must be unloading here.

Rover 2

This upper rearview gives us a slightly better look at the wheel arms and connection points. Julius definitely knew what he was doing with the details here and you have to approve that kind of dedication. I love the use of macaroni tiles on the wheel wells and the smooth, round hinge plate which covers up the middle of the lower body. You can see the print of the skateboard better in this shot and it really compliments the futuristic vibes of this vehicle. Angular surfaces all around give this a very mechanical, developed look, like a rover designed by NASA or SpaceX.

Rover 1

Choices like the inverted yellow windscreen harken this back to the Classic Space era while giving it an aggressive, modern flare.  Repetition creates a level of realism through parts usage like the stacked discs in the back or elements with a texture like the ladders on their sides and the vertical “suspension” coils by the wheels. Even a whisk is used to act as a compact anemometer. It may not actually have space for a minifigure inside, but this certainly looks like a nice ride. Given that I have plenty of supplies, there’s no other way I’d want to travel across an alien landscape.

Rover 3

2 comments on “Rugged rover vibes abound

  1. hntrains

    Adding the minifigs was a good idea: it allows actually seeing how big this thing is. With those wheels and that clever design, the rover will certainly have no trouble moving anywhere on deserted rough terrain a lifetime away from the home planet.

  2. Julius Kanand

    Thanks for featuring and Thanks for the awesome the blurb you came up with! I had a lot of fun with this one indeed. It actually fits not only one but three minifigs even though I have to take off the roof to access the interior. Didn’t like the looks of the hinged roof I was working on. Cheers

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