Another day in Allanar

For many of us, our first LEGO collaborations are with our siblings. Brother builders Isaac and John Snyder know that life gets away from us as time goes on, but thankfully they managed to get another session in that gave us some great results. After knocking out the Everdell castle they took a little trip to the countryside of Alnya to show us a day in the life of a Dwelf. Lush with wildlife and foliage, this little cottage on the edge of Allnar forest is full of interesting parts usage and plenty of character. That purple door certainly makes a statement, but I love the buckets on the chimney or chainlinks around the well.

Life in Allanar

This display hits you with a burst of color and fun right off the bat. Lime and olive green wild grasses frost the dark, rich soil of the region.  Strong roots help tall trees rise up and grow plenty of luscious leaves. Dwelves roam around the grounds attending to their chores, feeding the chickens, or catching a morning snack. Tiny birds line the scene, hanging out by the well or hiding amongst the trees.

Various techniques were used in the building of the cottage, which you can see in this close-up. Lots of plate usage for texture in the walls and cobblestone foundation. Meanwhile, window fixtures and fences are nicely shaped, constantly catching the eye. I love the reindeer antlers used in the fence around what must be a berry patch.

What a great example of brotherly love. The LEGO magic present here is a great continuation of their partnership. I hope we get to see more from them in the future but we’ll have to wait to see what time allows.