I brought you a present. You like frogs under glass, right?

Nothing says “happy holidays” quite like Tainstvennyy glaz, a creature build by Kevin H. I mean, I think it’s saying “Happy Holidays”, but man, that’s one thick accent. Described by Kevin as  the “Master of machinations, connoisseur of exotic tat, and a virtuoso of the virtual realm!”, T-Glaz is super glamourous with expertly arranged Bionicle masks, creepy black tentacles, and angelic wings. And then there’s the golden lollypop and frog under glass accessories. Bon Appetit!

Tainstvennyy glaz

This build was inspired by the creations of Ivan Martynov, and served as a very unique Secret Santa gift to Ivan from Kevin. Doesn’t that just get you into the gift-giving mood? I mean, maybe it’s a little late for that this year, but there’s plenty of time to get building for next time. And if you need inspiration, just check out our Bionicle tag for more stellar creations!