Take the top off and show off that old muscle

Gearheads and design fanatics will always find a way to include cars in their life. Those that share a love of LEGO (and sometimes even those that don’t) get to delight in tinkering on their own project cars. Even if they’re a fraction of the size of the original. Builder Dave J faced some extra challenges with this model of ’69 Camaro Convertible in dark azure. The limited parts available in that color forced Dave to get pretty inventive with some brackets to achieve a smooth and clean design.

Getting the dimensions and angles right for car models is always a challenge. Builders like Dave spent plenty of time developing a system of their own to rough out the right proportions before figuring out the details. Ultimately, color proves to be the biggest limiting factor. Since brackets are limited in dark azure, Dave had to get inventive with the sides. He used “some crazy double inverting” to get everything tight and flush.

One of the true achievements in this model is the subtle angling of the body, especially in the back. The way the whole build blends while retaining so many details at this scale is admirable. Angled black plates represent the retracted top, nestled behind the well-built seats and console. Simple red plates, instead of translucent ones, stand out amongst the azure body.

All in all, yet another great reproduction by Builder Dave J. Check out some more great car models and sets while you’re here. Old and new, big and small, we’ve got them all!