These LEGO Animaniacs are zany to the max

Warner Brothers’ quirky animated series the Animaniacs may be one of the most popular cartoons that is loved by more adults than kids, especially since many of the jokes are a bit, shall we say, unconventional. Whatever the reason, this irreverent cartoon is in the middle of a revival, starting the second re-booted season on Hulu. To celebrate the new season, PaulvilleMOCs has built these loveable characters in LEGO form. I love their long and scraggly ears, which are a perfect match with their on-screen inspirations, and of course, those big clown noses.

Animaniacs - Group Shot Square

Animaniacs - Yakko Centered Square

Animaniacs - Wakko Centered Square

and Dot
Animaniacs - Dot Centered Square

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