Ice Penguin Mechs are go!

LEGO builder Chris Perron has delivered precisely what the world needs now. That being four Ice Planet mechs piloted by penguins that take inspiration by Dungeons and Dragons roles. Do I need to repeat that? Four Ice Planet mechs. Piloted by penguins. Inspired by D&D. What part of that don’t you understand? Our first offering totally rocks out on an icy guitar.

Ice Penguin Mechs - Support

While his friend has the cure for whatever ails you.

Ice Penguin Mechs - Healer

Meanwhile a third penguin mech is ready to do some damage with a saw.

Ice Penguin Mechs - Damage

Lastly this penguin is itching for battle.

Ice Penguin Mechs - Tank

Now that you’ve seen them all I’m certain you’ll agree that this is precisely what the world needed today. Thanks, Chris!