Gigantic Sandman vs Spider-Man

LEGO has released quite a few renditions of Sandman. All of them have been minifigure scale, which is fine. Sandman can absorb sand in his surroundings and add it to his mass which means he can increase in size tremendously. To this day it still baffles me that LEGO has never created a brick-built Sandman to fight our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Vincent Kiew is here to fill that gap. They created a brick-built Sandman from the waist up. Vincent’s Sandman is equipped with ball joints so you can pose him however you like. He even comes with detachable Schumacher-style nipples. The best thing about this build is that the face looks ever so friendly, something it does not have in common with the actual bad guy it is meant to represent. Thanks to the friendly eyes it kind of reminds me of my significant other trying to fend off a pesky insect and who wouldn’t want a LEGO rendition of that?

Sandman VS Spider-Man.