This Super Nintendo Entertainment System is more than meets the eye

There’s a worry that when someone builds something in LEGO that looks so much like the real thing folks may simply pass it up when scrolling through social media. We at The Brothers Brick, on the other hand, are slightly more astute than the average bear when it comes to spotting clever LEGO creations. I can assure you, fellow bears, that this creation by Julius von Brunk is a clever one. It likely would have been featured anyway if it was merely a well-built LEGO facsimile of the Super Nintendo Game Console. Normally, we’d highlight this or that sweet build technique, point out a nice parts usage here or there then move on with our day. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. But then. But then upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that each element, the game console, cartridge, and both controllers transform into robots!

LEGO Super Nintendo Transformers (group shot)

Here is a group shot of each element in robot mode. Meet the console named Super Famitron, the cartridge called Polybius (named after a legendary 80s arcade game that apparently wished you were dead), and two gorilla controllers named Simian Kong and Primal Kong. The console even has a spring-loaded flap that accommodates the cartridge in both modes. While a marvel to be sure, Julius tells us that the console also has difficulty standing while in robot mode. Don’t we all?

LEGO Super Nintendo Transformers (group shot)

You can check out the video of them in action for yourselves and watch Julius explain the engineering difficulties faced when building this amazing creation. Stick around later in the video and he’ll talk about some of his favorite games. He should seriously consider a career reading audiobooks. I’d listen to that guy all day!

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