First LEGO House, then LEGO Designer!

You wouldn’t even need to read this article to know that this builder is on an amazing trajectory. I mean, look at this build, it is chock full of joy and optimism. But the story is, Lee Chi Wing got this creation into an exibit in the LEGO House, which is an honor in itself. That was right before they got hired on as a LEGO Designer! Down low and rather small, you see a model of the LEGO House itself and the rest of the creation represents each colored part of the building.

LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery 01 – Imagine! (2021)

In the builder’s own words they tell us that; “Looking at the model from afar, you can immediately see the four iconic colours of the zones at LEGO House, and then in the middle there are two figures, representing the History Collection below and the Masterpiece Gallery on top. More importantly, they also echo my journey – as well as, I believe, many others’ – as a LEGO fan: it all started from me sitting on the floor playing with the bricks, falling in love with the system, and eventually grow up to become an AFOL and continue to create more and more crazy models with the bricks.”

LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery 01 – Imagine! (2021)

“As you look closer, there are also a lot of easter eggs related to the House. For example, there are the rocket, submarine, hot air balloon and sea monster from the rooftop playground. There are also a microscale version of every single LEGO House exclusives released, representing perhaps the most important place of the house for many visitors: the shop!”

LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery 01 – Imagine! (2021)

With detail work this lovely and a contagious optimism we can expect to see a lot of amazing things from this builder as a LEGO Designer. Check out our archives for a glympse of what to expect from this builder turned designer.

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