Everything you need for your Hall of Armor [Instructions]

All the best superheroes have a cool base of operations. The Batcave, the Fortress of Solitude, an aunt’s apartment in Queens. But the best (or at least the poshest) superhero base has got to be Tony Stark’s seaside estate, and the Hall of Armor contained within. And it’s no wonder so many LEGO builders are working up custom versions of Stark’s Hall of Armor. What better way to put those multiple armor minifigures on display? But, to make a proper Hall of Armor, you need to surround Tony with all of his toys. Thankfully, KosBrick has come to the rescue with enough tutorials to fill a mansion in Malibu.

Lego Iron Man Hall of Armor

We’re talking high-tech gadgets, top-of-the-line computers, classic cars…the works.

The first item you’ll want to make sure Tony has access to is his trademark gantry. Tony will have a heck of a time getting dressed into his earlier suits without these handy A.I.-powered arms assisting him.

LEGO Iron Man Gantry - Hall of Armor (Tutorial)

Next up, you’ll want to make sure that Tony can run all the proper diagnostics. No private browsing is available on these see-through computer screens, but they sure look great on camera.

Lego Iron Man Work Desk - Hall of Armor (Tutorial)

And if the diagnostics reveal any issues, Tony might need to make some repairs. Thankfully, there’s a welding cart loaded with gear for just such an occasion. Be careful not to let any stray sparks get out of control.

Lego Iron Man Welding Cart - Hall of Armor (Tutorial)

But, if there is a fire, all is not lost. Dum-E is on the scene to douse Tony with flame-retardant chemicals. Don’t let Tony be too hard on the little bot. He’s trying his best.

Lego Iron Man Fire Extinguisher Robot - Hall of Armor (Tutorial)

But it isn’t all work in the Hall of Armor. Sometimes you need some tunes to set a more festive mood. When that’s the case, just ask JARVIS to drop the needle on this bad boy. Even a technology pioneer like Tony can appreciate the warm sounds produced by this vintage music medium.

Lego Iron Man Vinyl Player Cart - Hall of Armor (Tutorial)

And, last but not least, nothing in the Hall of Armor is more fun than the car that inspired Tony’s iconic armor colors: his custom 1932 Ford Flathead Roadster.

Lego Iron Man Hot Rod Car - Hall of Armor (Tutorial)

Now that you’ve got the instructions, hunker down in your cave with your box of scraps and get to building!