Refuel, restock, reconnoitre

This vignette by Red Spacecat shows off his latest build, an unmanned combat aerial vehicle. The RQ-190 is being refueled by her crew and prepped for her next mission. This super smooth drone is actually a redesign of a remote-control plane concept that Red Spacecat recently shared. Switching the color scheme of the RC plane to all black just so happens to make the butterfly-inspired design look very similar to a military stealth drone. The angles of the wings hug tight to the curves of the main body and the snub nose lets us see the landing gear peaking out underneath. The slopes and tiles used on the wings make for a smooth, immersive model overall.

RQ-190 Nightwing UCAV

The little builds for the tool chest, bomb cart, and fire extinguisher (I assume) are great details for this vignette. The gears used on the ends of the bombs are clever and, though it might not be exactly “legal,” the cut hose used on the tip of the fire extinguisher is a perfect addition.

RQ-190 Nightwing UCAV

The fuel cart is a clever example of the benefits that vertical building can lend to a model. The builder used large macaroni bricks and half cylinders to build the structure and curves of the cart. This angle lets us see how the connection points for the wheels are built into the vertical structure as well. Another angle shows us that the front wheels are built into a separate structure that probably attaches with a Technic pin.

RQ-190 Nightwing UCAV

Yet another great build by Red Spacecat illustrates his skill with bricks. Keep it coming!

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  1. Chris Burden Post author

    Oh, well Red Spacecat built the refueling cart vertically (brick on top of brick) and then displayed it on its side. Sorry about the confusion.

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