LEGO microscale Razor Crest from Star Wars: The Mandalorian [Instructions]

The hit Star Wars series The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ in 2019 introducing us to an instantly iconic ship, the pre-clone wars era starship known as the Razor Crest. And before you make your jokes about a microscale model of the Razor Crest really just being a pile of loose parts, I like to remember her in her prime.

Wait, what am I saying? From the very first episode, she’s been grabbed by a space walrus, scrapped by Jawas, shot at, jumped on by space spiders, dunked in the sea, shot at again, and more. But if you want to remember her as she once was, soaring through the sky over Navarro blasting TIE fighters to bits, you can follow along with these instructions for a desktop model, designed by me. It even includes a poseable stand! Click here to download the LEGO Razor Crest Instructions by Daniel Fortine


1 comment on “LEGO microscale Razor Crest from Star Wars: The Mandalorian [Instructions]

  1. MaffyD

    Hiya! I love a great micro scale model, so thank you so much for this. One thing, and I hope you don’t mind me saying, but the front of the ship sticks out a fair bit further than your model shows. I think an extra one or even two studs would be appropriate. I’ll mess around with it for myself, I just wondered if you agree?

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